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Posted: 27. Mar 2019, 01:07
by Cernus
Hey guys i saw your topic on the WOT forum and now i'm here ;)

I'm 24 years old and from Germany.

I started playing WOT in the beta but i took long breaks inbetween playing on and off. I came back to the game a few months ago and got hooked again now i'm playing daily again.
I wanna join you guys because i dont wanna play alone anymore + join skirmishes aswell, maybe CW in the future. I did some T8 skirmishes back in the day and really enjoyed them.
On your tanklist i have atleast 1 Tank for every tier. I know that i dont have the required winrate but i'm working hard on it to improve and get better.

My favorite tanks are IS3,T10 and Object 430

If you have any questions just ask i'm happy to answer

Re: Application

Posted: 27. Mar 2019, 07:26
by Hoxter
Thank you for your application. I'll try to catch you for a chat on TS or in game chat as soon as possible.

Re: Application

Posted: 29. Mar 2019, 11:04
by coliforms
If you want to platoon then come onto teamspeak if im on and let me know your up for a platoon