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New application to join

Posted: 23. Jan 2020, 23:06
by Piccolo_master
My name is Piccolo and come from Sweden and I've been looking for a clan who want to participate in the clan wars campaign for a little while now, you guys sparked my interest.
I have just under 8 000 battels over about 2 years and a 53% win rate over my last 1000 battles and about 1350 wn8.
I have done about 50 skirmishes with my other clans so I'm familiar with how it plays out.

My current tier 10s are Kranvang, B.C 25 T and UDES 15/16. I can buy the E100 and is currently grinding towards the S.conqueror and Obj.140

Re: New application to join

Posted: 23. Jan 2020, 23:25
by The Rising Sun
Hey Piccolo,
thanks for your application :)
I have to mention the Elephant in the room from the start. We are currently not active in Clan Wars as those require daily CW sessions for real gain and we honour our RLs too much. However, we do Skrims on Mondays and Thursday and support tooning etc.
If you are still interested, please message me, Hoxter or PAYS3R (I'll be around again tomorrow early evening).