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Post by K4L1N » 12. Oct 2018, 19:19

Hello guys,

Sorry, this probably seems sudden, but I've decided to leave. Not gonna make anything public, but I'm not enjoying being a part of this clan anymore. Thank you all for the great skrim nites and platoons, it's been great! (please delete my forum account if you feel the need, I can't seem to be able to do it myself). I wish you all the best and high rolls.

If you're in the mood, you can drop platoon invites when you catch me online ;)

*drives the TOG into the sunset*

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Post by sfa » 12. Oct 2018, 20:26

Hey Kalin,

that's sad to read. Our code of conduct says we wouldn't tolerate intentional team damage and the such.

The case you reported where you inflicted such team damage is a borderline case. I know you had been harrassed and provoked into it. So I guess none of the officers deemed it appropriate to actively take any action. But the officers have to reserve the right to remind members in such cases that we'd like it better if members stayed calm in these situations instead of inflicting team damage, knowing that this can be tough sometimes.

Sorry to see you go!

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