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Possible new recruit.

Posted: 5. Nov 2018, 13:11
by Shedz46
Hey guys. I'm currently in another clan, which I joined after a very long break, to get some good team battles. But after a few months I'm not so keen on how things are run, and am losing stats hand over fist because of poor team play and very few platoons. My WN8 is 1289 at the moment, but that has been dropping, which I'd like to rectify.

I'm looking for regular skirmishes, and maybe the odd CW if you are low on numbers. I just prefer the skirmish style, I find it less stressful and more fulfilling. I'm a good team player, follow FC's to the letter, and completely understand focus fire and tank rotation in battle. I know my win rate is a little low (50.32) for what you requested on the main clan recruit forum, but thought I'd give you a shout anyways. As for your most wanted list, I have IS-3, and am working on Cearnarvon, and can get one from the tier 6 list easy enough. I have 55 tanks, so can shift stuff around if i need to. Having a few years off meant I didnt keep up with most wanted tanks, so am a bit behind with what I have in the garage.

I'm not very good with forums, so probably best to catch me in game, although I will check back here when I can.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Re: Possible new recruit.

Posted: 5. Nov 2018, 16:25
welcome aboard m8 ;)

Re: Possible new recruit.

Posted: 9. Nov 2018, 08:39
by Zhul87
As payser said, welcome to our forum and thanks for your application, which we will discuss among the staff.
Feel free to platoon or talk with members until we have formulated our final answer.


Re: Possible new recruit.

Posted: 11. Nov 2018, 21:17
by Zhul87
You have gaps of several months in your playtime, quite regular I have to say. Whats causing that, because for skrims you are expected to show up regularly?

Re: Possible new recruit.

Posted: 12. Nov 2018, 22:25
by The Rising Sun
Sorry, that it took us a while. I'll dropped you an invite to the clan :) Let's have a chat during the next days in TS and I'll introduce you to basic stuff.