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#1 - 8. Apr 2019, 12:29

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Hi Guys!
I'm 16 man from Poland .

One of yours members invited me to join this clan. I'm so interested in this. I have more than 500 battles per month with wn8 higher than 2k. Previously i was in smaller clans so i have some experience but i don't speak english perfectly. I think , it won't be a problem. In my garage there's some useful tanks like cromwell , O-I , kv-85 , defender , wz-120-1g , amx 50 100 . I wanna to join this clan ,because none of my friends play this game and i'm playing alone :( . If you have any questions , you know what to do . Bye

#2 - 8. Apr 2019, 12:48

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Invitation sent.... Welcome aboard

#3 - 8. Apr 2019, 14:04

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Especially needed are guys for tier8 skirmishes.

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